Tea freshly brewed, never stewed

At Lemoncha, we have developed a patented method to craft your drinks. We are the first tea bar to let you create your drink from A to Z with the tea of your choice being brewed at the time of your order. Choose your tea base from our wide range of teas and add one of our delicious fruit nectars or organic fresh milks to create the recipe of your dreams.

Tea at the order - Lemoncha

The perfect temperature

Heating the water to the right temperature is key to brewing a good tea. If the water for the infusion is too hot, the tea will be bitter and lose its aroma. Too cold and the leaves won't infuse properly. 

At Lemoncha, we brew each tea at its ideal temperature to make sure you always get a perfectly brewed cup.

Brewing times

Each kind of tea requires a specific brewing time. For example, a delicate green tea will require more time while a bold, deep black tea will need a shorter steeping time. 

Thanks to our custom-made machines which feature pre-programmed settings for each type of tea, we are able to brew each cup at its ideal brewing temperature.

Only Fresh Milk - Lemoncha