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Hello folks, hello fall, hello pumpkin

Lemoncha Rooibos Tea

One word, quality

At Lemoncha we strive to use our products in the best way. Our teas are selected for their fragrance and high quality. We use delicious, carefully selected fruit nectars. Our tapioca pearls are prepared several times a day to ensure the perfect freshness, texture and taste.

We use fresh milk from organic farming, not milk powders. In order to satisfy the largest number of customers, we offer a selection of organic herbal milks as an alternative to cow’s milk.

Tea: Freshly brewed, never stewed

As tea is an essential ingredient in our drinks we must ensure it’s of the highest quality. After a vigorous testing and selection process, Lemoncha is proud to offer twelve different kinds of teas to choose from.

At Lemoncha, we place a high value on the quality of our products which is why we guarantee you a freshly infused tea at the time of your order.


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Tea, the heart of our drinks

We use high quality tea to brew our drinks. From green tea to black tea, discover the tea that best suits your taste.

Lemoncha - Red and Yellow iced teas

Unlimited choices

Create an almost unlimited combination of drinks by selecting the tea base, flavours and the toppings of your choice.

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A second home

Discover our tea bars. A relaxing meeting place that feels like home. Feel free to take advantage of our free Wi-Fi.


Hello Folks, hello fall, hello pumpkin

Pumpkin Spice latte

Sweet yet spicy flavors of creamy pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove come together with bold espresso to create this seasonal hit! Enjoy it topped with our homemade cinnamon whipped cream.