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We know you have questions about Lemoncha. That's why we’ve answered some of our commonly asked questions below. Still can't find what you’re looking for? Contact us!


What makes Lemoncha a Tea Specialist?

At Lemoncha we only use personally selected premium loose leaf tea. Thanks to our patented method of brewing tea, we never prepare tea in advance and we infuse tea the right way, with the perfect temperature and time. Thanks to all of this, we can guarantee that every infusion will always taste the same, they will never taste bitter or too light. We are the only tea shop that lets you choose every aspect of your drink, whether is it the ice or the sugar level, we even let you choose the tea base in every drink. We also ensure that every employee at Lemoncha has the required knowledge about tea to be able to help our customers to choose the best suited drink for their taste.

Are you a Bubble Tea shop, what’s the difference between Lemoncha and other shops selling tea?

With different types of premium teas as well as tea cocktails, chai, lattes, frappés, bubble teas and tea infusions, the possibilities at Lemoncha are endless. We’re sure to have that something special for everyone. We define ourselves as a Tea Bar, a place where your imagination is your only limit.

We want to change the way people see tea. In order to do that, we have to make our best to change the way people think about ingredients and processes. These are fundamental elements in the world of coffee, we want it to be the same for tea. We only use premium quality ingredients, it may mean we work on smaller margins, but we believe that this is how every shop should be run.

I want Lemoncha to be part of my birthday / wedding / event, do you offer catering?

Lemoncha can also provide catering for events and functions! Contact us for more information.

I want to know about Lemoncha’s Corporate Social Responsibility policies.

At Lemoncha, we're as passionate about being a responsible business as we are about great tea. So we're doing all we can to make sure that serving a perfect tea means serving a more responsible one. You can find out all about this here.

How do I apply for a job at Lemoncha?

Thank you for your interest! Feel free to send us your complete application at apply@lemoncha.com!

Are you open to franchising Lemoncha?

Unfortunately, no. We are always very honored when Lemoncha lovers contact us to help grow our brand and business, but the reason we don't franchise is because at Lemoncha, we choose quality over fast growth and over-expansion. To maintain it, we do one store at a time.

Questions about the Shops

Where can I find your opening times?

Our opening times vary by shops. Please take a look at our shop location page to find out when you can get your first and last tea fix of the day.

Do I have access at free WiFi at Lemoncha Shops?

Yes, all our shops have access to free WiFi.

Can I come with my own container?

At Lemoncha, we support individual ecological actions. That's why we encourage people to come with their own container to spare a disposable cup.

Your container should be clean and its lid wide enough to easily pour your drink.

To be sure to have the right container, Lemoncha offers different Tumblers and reusable bottles. You will find more information about them on our Merchandise page.

Why aren't tapioca ready at your stores before 10am?

Most people don't know that the way we make our tapioca takes around 120 minutes, and that it can't be shortened. We don't use tapioca from previous days. It's a lengthy process, but that's how our tapioca have that special taste to them.

We had to decide between opening at 8am and having tapioca ready from 10am or opening at 11am and having tapioca ready at the same hour. As our morning customers usually order drinks without toppings and because we just wanted to get our drinks into people's hands as early as possible and because people kept asking for earlier opening hours, we decided to open at 8am and thus for the above explained reasons, having tapiocas ready from 10am.

There's a problem with my Uber Eats order what should I do?

We are sorry that you've experienced a problem with your Uber Eats order. As the deliveries are made by Uber Eats directly, you will need to contact the Uber Eats customer service staff using your application or via their website.

Why are the "Frappé" versions of your drinks not available for Uber Eats delivery?

At Lemoncha we pride ourselves on always providing a high quality product. However, given that the ice in our "Frappé" drinks may melt during transit, we have decided to not offer "Frappé" drinks at this time. This is to ensure that you receive a product of the quality it was intended.

Why are some of your products for example toppings, fruit nectars, etc. not available for Uber Eats delivery?

All of the products we offer in store are also available for delivery with the exception of the "Frappé" versions of our drinks. If a product is unavailable for delivery it is be due to being temporarily unavailable in store.

How far does Uber Eats deliver?

Uber Eats delivers within a 3 kilometer radius of our store.

Where can I find the furniture and design elements found in Lemoncha Shops?

Sorry, we are under legal obligation to not give out information about our vendors or manufacturers to the public. If you’re interested in finding specific design elements, we suggest seeking out retailers and design centers that showcase new and innovative design work.

Questions about The products

Can I customize my drink?

Tea making is an exact art, and at Lemoncha we can make your favourite drink exactly as you like it. So whether you prefer a sweet drink or a more sour beverage, adding a topping or not, the choice is all yours.

Do you offer decaffeinated tea?

We do not offer decaffeinated tea due to their making processes, most of these teas undergo chemical steps to remove their caffeine molecules. Even after that, the tea retains a very small amount of caffeine and some chemical components are very hard to remove from the leaves. At Lemoncha we prefer the healthier, natural and 100% caffeine-free alternative, herbal teas.

I’m allergic to some products and/or I am lactose intolerant and/or I am vegan, where can I find your allergens informations?

All our toppings are gluten-free, we also offer a vegan lactose-free alternative to dairy milk (soy, rice, almond, coconut milk). If you have any specific questions about a product, do not hesitate to ask our staff directly in-store.

How can I make a comment about the service I received, or an experience I had, at a Lemoncha shop?

Feel free to contact us directly with any comment either through our contact page or via our official Lemoncha Facebook page.


I can’t find the information that I’m looking for. What should I do?

Not a problem! Feel free to contact us directly with any questions either through our contact page or via our official Facebook page.