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Tea Differently

Here at Lemoncha, we strive to reshape the way we view tea by doing tea differently. It all begins with passion. We want to engage and excite people by exploring the possibilities of tea and uncovering its magic.

We constantly create, play and evolve; using the oldest ingredients with the most innovative processes, we create unique blends and drinks that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our quality is reflected in the purity of our tea, the innovation of our processes and the passion of our people. We are constantly striving to inspire people to try new tea varieties and to find their perfect blend for every occasion. Our entire range of premium varieties are sourced from around the world with the promise of always providing our customers with the newest, freshest and most innovative blends of the highest quality. Hot or iced, healthy or indulgent, pure or blended, our world of varied beverages provides a choice, whatever you desire and however you feel.


The Tea Bar

We want to set the standard for the modern day tea house, differentiating ourselves with our product, our processes and our people. Lemoncha have set out to define their own category and become the world’s leading tea bar brand.

Our tea bars provide a welcoming environment: a place where people can hang out and return to again and again. Where our customers can enjoy the drinks they already love or try incredible new varieties they never imagined possible.

We prepare each cup of tea with the purest water; temperature controlled and individually timed and steeped to serve the perfect cup every time.

With different types of premium teas as well as tea cocktails, chai, lattes, frappés, bubble teas and tea infusions, the possibilities are endless. We’re sure to have that something special for everyone.

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