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To promote the freshness of their drinks, Lemoncha directs a commercial to the edge of stratosphere and launches the first iced tea into space.

Lemoncha – Stratosphere

In their latest commercial, tea bar Lemoncha has launched the first iced tea into space with the drink being launched into the stratosphere more than 35,000 meters from the Earth’s surface.

Following weeks of preparation and to ensure that the launch was conducted under perfect weather conditions, Lemoncha and a team of stratospheric flight specialists travelled to Northern Germany for the launch.

Construction of the capsule

Construction of the capsule

The construction of the capsule to be used to launch Lemoncha’s iced tea above the ozone layer began in Germany.

This capsule was constructed of a polystyrene which carries many sensors necessary for the launch including a barometer, an altimeter, a GPS tracker and on-board video equipment to document the capsule’s journey into space.

Prior to take-off, the capsule is hung from a weather balloon made of biodegradable rubber with a diameter of approx. 2 meters. At maximum altitude, the balloon will expand to more than 15 meters in diameter.

After confirming all necessary flight data, set up is complete and the capsule is ready for take-off. The capsule’s parachute ensures that the payload will return safely to Earth.

With hundreds of litres of Helium, the weather balloon quickly rises into the sky and reaches high altitudes. After an ascent of more than 35,000 meters, the rubber balloon reaches its maximum altitude and bursts. The capsule and its parachute begin the journey back to Earth.

After a two hours drive, Lemoncha and its team retrieved the intact capsule thanks to the onboard GPS tracker. As anticipated, the drinks are unharmed and wonderfully refreshing after dropping to a temperature of -65°C.

The balloon, ready to take off

The balloon, ready to take off

With this commercial, Lemoncha wants to highlight the freshness of their drinks. As a reminder, Lemoncha handcrafts their drinks with freshly brewed tea made upon ordering to guarantee the best freshness and quality.

Niels Renard