Lemoncha creates the future of tea bars by removing their toppings

By eliminating its toppings, Lemoncha offers tea-based beverages infused upon ordering, a unique concept in Switzerland.

GENEVA, June 28, 2019 - Lemoncha is progressively withdrawing their toppings in order to encourage its customers to reduce their sugar consumption and to favor tea: the passion that binds Lemoncha and their team. The name Bubble Tea is no more relevant to this concept, and Lemoncha has now become the first genuine tea bar in Switzerland.

The actual Tapioca, Jelly & Popping Boba offer won’t be restocked. Nevertheless, Lemoncha will be restocking healthier toppings such as Basil Seeds or Aloe Vera as well a classic ones such as Whipped Cream or Cheese Mousse.

By eliminating their toppings, Lemoncha abandons the concept of Bubble Tea and innovates with their unique concept of tea bars offering tea-based drinks brewed upon ordering.

New Mocktail Range

Following these changes, Lemoncha is excited to unveil a new and unique range of drinks inspired by the world of cocktail bars, focusing on original and unique tastes. These Mocktails, or alcohol-free cocktails, will be available in several varieties this summer. 

To focus on quality, Lemoncha’s priority, these drinks combine freshly brewed tea, delicious nectars and real fruits. 

Lemoncha – Mocktail Range

About Lemoncha

Founded in Geneva in 2017, Lemoncha has been offering its customers tea-based beverages made upon ordering thanks to a patented process. With personalized advice, Lemoncha's customers can create their ideal beverage, either hot or cold, by selecting every detail from a wide range of tea and fruit nectars.

Through the use of utensils borrowed from the bar world, Lemoncha crafts fully customizable tea beverages before the customer's eyes and innovates in a market dominated by ready-to-drink beverages.

Note to editors

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