New pricing policy: more tea for less

New Lemoncha Pricing Policy

Lemoncha has updated its pricing policy by reducing the cost of all drink items by 0.50 Swiss Francs.

In order to improve the quality of its drinks as well as to reduce sugar consumption, Lemoncha will no longer include toppings in the price of its drinks and will reduce the cost of its entire drink menu by fifty cents.

By reducing the price of drinks without toppings, Lemoncha hopes to encourage its customers to consume drinks with a lower sugar content and to focus on tea: the passion that unites Lemoncha and its teams.

This new pricing policy offers a permanent discount to customers who consume their drinks without toppings. For sweet-toothed customers wanting to add toppings to their drinks, the total price of drinks which include additions such as toppings will be the same price as that previously used by Lemoncha since its creation.

About Lemoncha

Founded in 2015, Lemoncha creates, plays and evolves constantly using the oldest ingredients with the most innovative processes to create unique blends and tea-based beverages that do not exist anywhere else. Find more information on