4 things to know about the new Lemoncha Tea Bar in Nyon

Bar à thé Lemoncha Nyon

The new Lemoncha tea bar in Nyon has been designed as a welcoming place where people come together and come back again and again. They come for drinks they already love or to try new incredible varieties they would never have imagined with tea.

Locals and tourists alike frequent the station neighborhood to get to work, visit museums or go shopping. The new Lemoncha tea bar offers them a place to stop in and enjoy a delicious artisanal tea drink.

So where to start? Here are 4 items not to be missed in this new tea bar, opening this Tuesday.

  1. A design in the Lemoncha Spirit

Bar à thé Lemoncha de Nyon

Lemoncha develops a real concept in its tea bars where they skillfully mix wood, concrete and copper. Each element has been thought through and chosen for very specific reasons.

The different wooden structures, a plant-based material, represent Lemoncha's strong link for tea; the essence of the company and the passion that unites its teams.

Concrete, mineral, reminds us of our origins, the earth. It is a material that lends itself to minimalism and is conducive in the Lemoncha environment in order to highlight the most important, drinks and tea.

Copper, a colorful metal with a strong visual character, becomes the centerpiece of an original decoration. It brings an originality and allows to create an elegant and warm atmosphere.


2. See your drinks come alive

Comptoir de bar à thé Lemoncha

Thanks to an elongated bar counter, Lemoncha's customers can see the Tea Specialists create their drinks under their eyes and understand each stage of preparation.

Croquis Lemoncha

3. A working space

Espace de travail Lemoncha

A large part of the Lemoncha clientele is active and regularly looks for a motivating place to study or work in.

Located in a vibrant city, the new Lemoncha Tea Bar offers individual seating with power outlets so you never run out of battery power.

Wi-Fi internet access is also available to store customers.


4. VIP seats

Coin VIP Lemoncha

Guests of this new Lemoncha tea bar enjoy two secluded places to exchange or work in peace.

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