Enjoy winter time with Lemoncha's Limited Drinks

Lemoncha Limited Winter Drinks 2018

The holidays have arrived at Lemoncha, with flavors that have come to define the season – along with a few surprises. 


Speculoos Latte

For the ultimate drink to get you into the festive spirit, the Speculoos Latte has everything you need. Topped with whipped cream and crunchy Speculoos bits, the sweet and delicately spicy Speculoos flavors mingle with milk to create a cozy drink.


Toffee Milk Tea

The winning combination of Black Tea and heartwarming flavors of buttery toffee in the Toffee Milk Tea. The crescendo is a whipped cream peak sprinkled in a crunchy caramelized nut topping. Sip it hot or have it cold with ice for a cool and cozy treat.

Available for a limited time.

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