Gyokuro is a Japanese shade-grown steamed green tea. It’s a well renowned tea and considered among the finest of Japanese teas.

In Spring, when the young leaves start to develop, the tea plants are shaded from the sun for a few weeks. This slows the growth of the leaves and allows the tea plant to develop more depth and flavour. Deprived of sunlight, the leaves develop higher amounts of chlorophyll, giving them a vivid emerald green colour. The lack of photosynthesis translates to less astringent tea tannins as well as an increase of L-Theanine, an amino acid thought to induce relaxation despite the presence of caffeine.

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Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Tasting notes

Marine, grassy and umami notes. Mineral finish.

Caffeine level


Pairs very well with citrus fruits, peach and berries.

Brewing temperature